Partners in Quality

AS9100:2016 Registered Quality System

Our vision

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there have been countless mergers and acquisitions in our industry with name changes, plant relocations, delivery slides, and the inevitable price increases needed to pay for it all. Luma Technologies offers a soft landing to those who are tired of the runaround and need someone they can count on.

Luma Technologies was founded in March of 2006 with the vision of becoming a premier manufacturer of lighted displays and custom switching products to the aircraft industry. The key to this effort was starting with a clean slate and tailoring our systems and manufacturing facilities to meet the specific requirements of our customers. This mandated the need for ISO/AS9100 and FAA certifiable facilities & procedures as well as embracing lean manufacturing concepts allowing us to quickly respond to market trends.

But the best part about our industry is the people. Based in the suburbs of Seattle, Luma benefits from a large pool of talented individuals with the skills and experience needed to make things happen. From plastics fabrication, circuit design, to optical engineering; Luma is attracting those who share our passion for the industry and have joined us to work together in something that’s fun and exciting to be a part of.