Partners in Quality

Quality | Innovation | On-time delivery

Since day one, Luma Technologies’ business plan stipulated an Advanced Quality System tailored to conform with ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 standards. Lumatech has achieved that milestone with a quality system that is registered to both.

Beyond the internal systems, Quality must also be a fundamental part of product design. Average performance, unpredictable reliability, and out of control pricing use to be the norm in aviation. Now anything less than stunning perfection combined with managed cost containment and you're out of the game. It's as true for your company as it is for ours.

Lumatech’s growing team of Engineers, Technicians, and Process Specialists are continually finding ways to bring innovative approaches to what were previously accepted as simple yet unreliable devices. Technological gains in components, circuit theory, and package size; combined with advanced manufacturing processes allows us to offer innovative high-performance solutions for both new and retrofit installations.

Having seen it first hand, we recognize the devastating impact schedule slides and missed deliveries have on modern-day production lines. That’s why Luma has structured its operations to be able to get ahead and keep ahead of customer needs through a combination lean manufacturing techniques, a real-time ERP system, and a commitment to sufficient buffer stocks to meet our mutual needs.