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Systems Interface Controls

Luma Technologies’ collective design team has years of experience in cockpit controls and systems interface. These include Throttle Quadrants, Landing Gear Levers w/bundled accessories, Flap Position Controls, and other miscellaneous electro-mechanical interfaces between the pilot and his or her aircraft. Each design makes use of various analytical tools for strength to weight optimization while often delivering significant reductions in behind panel depth and other installation related enhancements.

Systems Interface Controls

Systems & Features



  • Landing Gear levers w/additional Integrated Functionality
    • Actuation Lock-out & Override
    • Gear Status lights
    • Horn Mute, Emergency Extend, etc.
  • Throttle Quadrant Assemblies
    • Single or Multi-engine
    • Traditional or electronic
  • Nosewheel Steering Controls
  • Flap Position, Speedbrake, Spoilers, etc.
  • Line-ready Turnkey Systems
  • Actuation forces tailored to program requirements
  • RTCA/DO-160E Tested & Compliant